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Electronic Notification System Contact for Change Requests

Parent Council Members,

As a follow-up to discussion during last week's Parent Council meeting, the following information regarding the school system's "Alert" system is provided for your reference. This information was provided by Dr. Moran in her weekly Superintendent's Advisory Bulletin to school principals, and additional information is available from Selina Deale (Web Services Coordinator). You may want to provide your school parents with the process of how to change/update/revise their numbers, etc. with the school system's electronic notification system.

"Mary Huffard" Kegley Scott
President, Parent Council

Electronic Notification System Contact for Change Requests

Adjustment protocol: We have had a number of change requests which have come in after recent alerts/messages. Some users have received our messages in error and wish to be removed from the system, parents have requested changes to contact numbers in the system and some requests are corrections to previously provided data.

In future messages, a notice inserted in outgoing alerts will indicate that any change requests for the Electronic Notification System (ParentLink) should be directed to the school office. The requested changes should be made by the Student Information System (SASI) contact at the school as soon as possible to avoid further complications.

Change request calls received by Central Office or other departments should be directed to Selina Deale by e-mail or telephone at 434 293-0288 x4. These requests will be forwarded to the school as well as archived.

Quick Reference

  • Change requests from parents - Handled by School Office
  • Change requests from Community Members or Others without ACPS Students - Handled by Selina Deale , Community Engagement

Selina Deale, Web Services Coordinator, Office of Community Engagement