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Nov. 13 2007 - Parent Council Meeting

7:00 - 9:00PM - We discussed Student Makes a Difference Day, draft Bylaws and Mission Statement, Baldridge study update, voluntary dues, upcoming events. Dr. Bruce Benson reviewed current budget issues and priorities. We had breakout sessions by feeder patterns, and presented our top priorites and issues to Dr. Bruce Benson.

Read more for a summary of points made, and attachments of the handouts provided during the meeting. 

Parent Council Discussion Items:

  • Students Make A Difference Day. Thanks to schools for participation. Parent Council hosted reception prior to 11/8/07 School Board Meeting.
  • Draft bylaws and mission statement. Forward any comments to PC Pres.
  • Update on Baldridge Study. Transportation subcommittee led by Dr. Carole Hastings. Contact her for input into the issues of this subcommittee.
  • Voluntary Dues. Are coming in. Money will be used to develop and maintain our independent PC website, cover printing costs of communications during budget process, support PC mission.
  • Upcoming Events. See box above.
  • Albemarle Truth in Taxation Association. Is meeting and organized as a PAC.

Review of Budget Issues & Priorities by Dr. Bruce Benson:

  • Current FY ACPS cuts. $2,200,000 adjusted utilizing the ACPS’s previous year Fund Balance and schools/departments release of internal 7.5% holdbacks within their budgets. This tactic will avoid reductions in day-to-day educational operations.
  • VCU Utilization Study. Cost approx. $92,000. Report due 12/1. Date of report prevents info being used to develop initial budget, but info may be used in later stages of budget process.
  • Superintendent’s Budget.
  • H.R.’s teacher salary recommendation will place salaries in the bottom of the top quartile of salaries in “our competitive market.” Estimate a 4% increase. Budget process will be tight and may have to adjust other line items merely to accomplish this teacher salary goal.
  • Increase Special Ed. Services. Number of students anticipated being lower, but severity of services needed is greater.
  • Maintain focus on ESOL education.
  • CTIP formula to be 1/1000 students.
  • Maintain 5.5 Math Specialists.
  • Achievement Gap. Current measures result in improvement in areas, more work needed in other subpopulations & subjects.
  • Continue Professional Development initiatives.
  • Central Office expenses will maintain requisite licenses and contracts.
  • Budget Calendar Plan presented by Christy Sinatra. Review of budget process and dates. (see box above). Emphasized budget posting online & Jan. 16, 7:00 PM Tele-Town School Board Meeting.

Break Out Sessions by Feeder Pattern - Budget Priorities from Represented Schools

  • Most mentioned issues: competitive teacher salaries, recruiting & retaining the best teachers, limit class size, maintain special ed. services, math & science emphasis, maintain & improve GRE: student ratio in middle school, county growth & school facilities, maintain student contact with specialists (art, music, library, PE, guidance, computer tech., etc.), continue & expand pre-K services, stay current in technology instruction, interest in IB programs, early intervention in emotional & learning problems, school security improvements.
Lisa Medders,
Oct 8, 2008, 10:07 AM
Lisa Medders,
Oct 8, 2008, 10:07 AM
Lisa Medders,
Oct 8, 2008, 10:07 AM