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September 9 Parent Council Meeting

Albemarle County Public Schools - Parent Council

September 9, 2008 Meeting Update – (9/18/08)

“Sharing information and resources in support of better education for our students.”


- Request  $50 dues from PTO/A.

- Email your PTO/A President’s contact info. to

- Email your PC alternate’s and your contact info. to

- Notify June Jenkins if you did not receive a PC notebook for 08-09.  (One notebook per school)




Superintendent’s Roundtable #1


Tue. 9/16 8:30am

Superintendent’s Roundtable #2


Tue., 9/23 11:30am

Superintendent’s Roundtable #3


Tue., 9/30 6:30pm

Financial Dos & Don’ts for Booster Clubs

Monticello H.S.

Mon., 9/15 6:30pm

Financial Dos & Don’ts for PTO/As


Tue., 9/16 6:30pm

ACPS School Board Meeting


Thur., 9/25 6:00pm

Parent Council Meeting


Tue., 10/7 7:00pm


Dr. Pam Moran, Dr. Bruce Benson, June Jenkins, Debbie Chlebnikow (Community representative), Faylene Macko (AHS), Amy Gore (Crozet), Pat Seversen (Community representative), Tara Kunkler (Title One Advisory Cmte.), Stacy Walker (Monticello), Anita Karadia (Baker Butler), Jennifer Giacalone (Jack Jouett), Paul Hutchins (Cale), Sarah Riley (Sutherland), Melissa MacKnight (Hollymead), Jane Kulow (Murray Elem.), Sarah Lloyd (Woodbrook), Cathy von Storch (Red Hill), John Lewis (Greer), Teresa Hashisaki (Henley), Jim Stern (Walton), Lisa Koolman (WAHS), Tara Mincer (Burley), Mary Huffard Kegley Scott (Meriwether Lewis)

Standard Business Procedures

Call to Order at 7:00 PM by PC Pres., Mary Huffard Kegley Scott.

Registration of attendance and correction of contact information, followed by self-introductions.

Minutes of 5/6/08 PC meeting approved as presented.

2008-2009 Membership Overview

ACPS – PC mission statement, constitution, by-laws noted.  The membership is encouraged to become familiar with each document.  Emphasis was given to the PC’s role as a forum for sharing information and the impact the organization has during the County’s budget cycle.

Membership responsibilities were highlighted,

PC reps should send an alternate to PC meetings when their absence is inevitable.

PC reps are to ferry info between PC and the member school, utilizing “PC Updates” which are posted within a week of meeting.

PC reps should request $50 dues from PTOs to support mission of PC, which is used to maintain our PC website, print materials & communications during the lengthy budget cycle, fund speakers engaged for forums.

PC website is a repository of info and exchanges with links to pertinent County and School Board sites.  PC reps may take the newest version of our “Strong Public Schools, Strong Communities” magnets in a new larger format.  Goal is to have them on cars throughout the community. $1 donation will help defray cost, but shouldn’t prohibit distribution to anyone.

Schedules noted for upcoming Superintendent’s Roundtables, PC sponsored Financial workshops, and 2008-9  PC meetings.

A request was made for the results of the study conducted by Transportation last year.

Dr. Moran’s Update on Current School Year

County prepares for NGIC relocation of 832 employees to Albemarle County.  School representatives travelled to Northern VA to share info about ACPS and answer questions from those who may relocate.  ACPS will remain flexible as NGIC has not made final decisions on which employees will relocate.

2008-9 ACPS enrollment.  Student count at end of 2nd week … projected 12,541 … actual 12,534.  Difference of only 8 students indicates that formulas used for projections are effective.

Enrollment is slightly down in the Elementary Schools; up for Middle and High Schools.

2nd Charter School is now open.   Operating within Burley Middle with 26 students in 6th grade.  Arts infused curriculum will add a grade each year over the next 2 years.

Specialty Center Education Model. 

AHS will incorporate the new “MESA,” Math Engineering Science Academy, accepting 9th & 11th grade students by application.

AHS’s new addition is specifically designed to accentuate this curriculum with exposure of the mechanical systems.

Students will complete SOLs by 10th grade. 11th and 12th grade courses will be dual enrollment and college level work with the requirement that students work collaboratively to solve an engineering/technical problem in our local community.

Monticello HS having success with the Monticello Scholars Program placing students in UVA Humanities & Engineering courses.

WAHS scheduled for building addition that will include a specialty model as well.

International Baccalaureate Program.  ACPS is pursuing application for chartering to implement elementary, middle, high school programs.

ACPS hired only 100 teachers for ‘08-’09, approximately 1/3 of which are new to teaching.  This is decreased from the usual 130-150 hires and may be attributed to: better comprehension package improving retention; economic concerns discouraging the practice of teaching a few years before returning to grad work; or economic concerns causing employees to delay retirement or moves.

Albemarle County ranked as 13th in Forbes listing of best places to raise a family.

2008 SAT numbers found more of our students are taking SATs and we are scoring at and above VA and National averages.

ACT testing is being pursued more by our students and seems to more authentically assess problem solving ability.

National search underway for new WAHS principal.  Should be active over the Winter holiday.  Will involve a committee of faculty, students, parents of current students, as well as parents within the feeder pattern whose students are not yet at WAHS.

ACPS has contracted with APEX Learning to manage online educational opportunities.  Purchased 260 seats in this virtual learning community.  Online education is encouraged for students who may be struggling in the classroom, Seniors who may be just a credit or two shy of graduating, and students who desire instruction in courses that cannot be offered due to insufficient enrollment.

Dr. Moran sited multiple books that highlight the inevitability of online learning in the future of U.S. education.

Global Achievement Gap must be addressed just as we focus on achievement gaps between subpopulations within a community.

ACPS Transportation Department’s bus registration survey easily identified 1000 students with no plan to use school bus service, allowing more efficient routing and elimination of two bus routes.

ACPS utilizing a grant to refocus and identify “walkablity” within school districts.

No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and SOL Testing.

ACPS aggregate measures 89% pass rate in Math and 91% pass rate in Reading.

ACPS passed 28 of 29 testing indicators, falling short in the “graduation rate” measure.

Three of our four Middle Schools did not make AYP, Sutherland being the exception.

Greer Elem. failed to make AYP for a second year as it did not post improvement in Reading scores for its disadvantaged students.

Greer has a very diverse population.

Greer will implement “Supplemental Education Services” as a first attempt to remedy this.  This is a change in NCLB policy for non-compliance which previously allowed “school choice” when schools had a second year without improvement.  ACPS is one of eight school systems nationally.  Without cost to ACPS, families will have a provider list from which they may choose tutoring services for students.  If selection of services is off-site and requires transportation funds are available for two transports each week.

Understanding NCLB

See Dr. Moran’s attachment detailing basic framework of NCLB legislation.

ACPS staff is eager to come into the schools and speak with families to educate and spread awareness of the complexity of NCLB.  Contact the Superintendent’s office to arrange a presentation for your PTO.

Effects of current state and local revenue shortfalls on ACPS

Based on county revenue projection for the current school year, ACPS is facing a shortfall of $2,400,000.

VA revenue is below projection and state agencies have prepared reduced spending plans, with official reductions expected in Dec.

ACPS has directed all schools and departments to increase their onsite holdback fund from 7.5% to 10%.  The usual good fortune of releasing the holdbacks at the conclusion of the budget year is doubtful for ’08-’09.  Last year holdbacks could not be released to the schools, a rarity for our system.

Considering that this operating budget was greatly reduced from Dr. Moran’s request, these reductions are concerning. ACPS is committed to keeping these cuts as far from the classroom as possible.  Realistically, however, the revenue shortage facing ACPS in this current school year is a challenge that will affect us on a broad scale.  The current shortfall also indicates that ACPS will begin budget planning for 2009-10 in a deficit.

The dilemma facing school systems is dire across the country.  Dr. Moran noted that school system strategies range from reduced transportation and technology fund cuts, to added hours to each academic day in order to eliminate a school day from the week.

Discussion for the “Good & Welfare” of All

Cathy Von Storch, (Red Hill Elem.) coordinator of Education Projects for the Paramount, shared information about upcoming performances.

Brochures have been mailed to schools regarding the season.  PC reps given brochures to share.

Paramount has reduced fees to the main evening performances - $10 for students and $15 for adults (former fees were in the $20-$35 price range depending on event).

Orders for school groups will begin processing on Sept. 22.

Jane Kulow, (Murray Elem.) seeks info on after school enrichment programs, if your school offers such, please contact her.

John Lewis (Greer Elem.)  and PC website manager has reactivated the website list.  Subscribers should have received an email.

If not yet registered, go to


Note upcoming Roundtables and please respond to Mary Huffard.

Next PC meeting is Tues., Oct. 7, 7:00 PM – Rm. 320 COB

Adjourned at 8:45 pm

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