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October 7 2008 Parent Council Meeting

Albemarle County Public Schools - Parent Council

October 7, 2008 Meeting Update

“Sharing information and resources in support of better education for our students.”

Noteworthy Dates





ACPS Teletown Hall Meeting

(By telephone)

Wed., Nov. 12

7:00 PM

TO BE RESCHEDULED:  PC Reception for “Make A Difference Day” participants before School Board Meeting


To be rescheduled


Parent Council Meeting


Tues., Nov. 11

7:00 PM


§Seek $50 donation from PTO/A.

§PC members contact Mary Huffard if

in need of phone-in/listen-only access

to Teletown Hall,  due to inability to be at residence to receive connecting call.


Representatives:  Rhonda Angel (Stone-Robinson), Debra Chlebnikow (Community Rep.), Dawn Greco (Broadus Wood), Linda Hahn (Meriwether Lewis), Teresa Hashisaki (Henley), Paul Hutchins (Cale), Anita Karadia (Baker Butler), Lisa Koolman (WAHS), Jane Kulow (V L Murray), John Lewis (Greer), Sarah Lloyd (Woodbrook), Caroline March-Long (Stony Point), Tara Mincer (Burley), Jenny Pickens (Scottsville), Mary Huffard Kegley Scott (PC Pres.), Pat Severson (Community Rep.), Ian Sole (Brownsville), Jim Stern (Walton), Liz Sutphen (AHS), Cathy von Storch (Red Hill), Stacy Walker (MHS), C. Wombach (Hollymeade)

Staff & Guests:  Dr. Pam Moran (Superintendent), Dr. Bruce Benson (Assistant Superintendent), June Jenkins (School Comm. Relations), Matt Haas (AHS Prin.), Jeff Prillaman (AHS-MESA Dir.)

                                                                                             Standard Business Procedures

1.        Call to Order 7:00 PM by Tara Mincer, PC Board member.

2.        Registration of attendance and correction of contact information.

3.        Record of 9/9/08 Meeting approved as presented.

       Math, Engineering, Science Academy (MESA) Albemarle High School:  Matt Haas (AHS Principal), Jeff Prillaman (MESA Director)

1.        AHS building addition provides space needed by AHS as well as meets the ACPS model for “specialty center” education.

a.        Research supported need in our system for focus on science, technology, engineering, and math. U.S. engineering students are a small population in engineering schools.  A significant percentage of current engineers are nearing retirement in the next decade.

b.        Building design will expose engineering systems to students.  Classrooms will be flexible for use by AHS math/science classes.

2.        MESA is guided by an advisory board incorporating local businesses, UVA, PVCC, and local elected officials.

a.        ACPS will seek STEM certification through the VDOE for this academy.

3.        Student admission to MESA is open to ANY ACPS high school student through application.  

a.        Students beyond the AHS feeder pattern will transfer to AHS.

b.        Students will take a double block in MESA and the remainder of courses within the general AHS student body.

4.        MESA, a school-within-a-school, will open in ’09-’10.

a.        ’09-’10 enrolling twenty-five 9th graders & twenty-five 11th graders. 

b.        ’10-’11 will add 10th and 12th grades, maintaining the goal of twenty-five students/grade.

c.        Enrollment thereafter will maximize at approximately 50 students per grade for a total enrollment of 200 students.

5.        Application Process is being developed now; will incorporate an essay involving critical thinking skills.  Applications should be available in November with applications due in January 2009.

a.        MESA hopes to attract a diverse student body, reaching beyond the top-tier student population.  Most school systems pursue STEM education through technology education or gifted education.

b.        Director Prillaman will present info in the middle schools.

6.        The VA Secretary of Technology, finds MESA proposal unique.  Partnership with UVA will benefit our students and allow college students to have practical experience in a high school instructional setting.

7.        Curriculum will combine math and science instruction for a whole learning experience during 9th & 10th grades.

a.        11th grade courses will offer dual-enrollment Introduction to Engineering and will emphasize communication and presentation skills.

b.        12th grade curriculum will offer partnership opportunities in the local corporate/education community.

c.        Graduates will finish with 4 Engineering college credits and a minimum of 3 AP courses.

d.        Graduates will be awarded Advanced Technical Diplomas.

8.        Schools may receive more info by contacting or scheduling a presentation by the MESA leadership team. 

a.        Contact Director, Jeff Prillaman: or phone 434.975.9300 ext. 4224.


Big Brothers Big Sisters:  June Jenkins, ACPS School-Community Relations

1.        Big Brothers-Big Sisters is now a site based opportunity in all ACPS schools.  Applications are available in schools and families may request mentoring through this application.

Make A Difference Day:  June Jenkins, ACPS School-Community Relations

1.        Annual Make a Difference Day is Sat., Oct. 25, 2008.

a.        This is the program in which students have opportunity to engage in a community project adopted by their schools. (United Way’s Day of Caring brings community volunteers into schools.)

b.        Nov. 6th PC reception originally scheduled to recognize schools and students will be rescheduled.

Superintendent’s Report:  Dr. Moran & Dr. Benson

1.        Current Capital Improvement Programs (CIP) are on schedule.  Additions at Brownsville Elem., Greer Elem., and AHS are underway.

2.        Teletown Hall School Board Meeting has been rescheduled for Wed., Nov. 12 at 7:00 PM

a.        Attempts will be made to call all families with ACPS students as well as non-student homes.

b.        Two ACPS School Board members will receive questions accompanied by Dr. Moran and staff.

c.        PC members unable to be at home to receive the connecting phone call should contact PC Pres. for “listen-only access” from non-home location.

3.        Budget Update

a.        School Board and Board of Supervisors held joint meeting on compensation framework for 2009-2010 .

·       Plan to meet 100% of median of adopted market for classified employees (non-teacher positions) as these wages were not funded at our target last year.  Estimate 3.93% increase of $1,500,000.

·       With the goal of salaries reaching into the top quartile of our market comparison, ACPS best meets that goal in salaries of teachers with 10-years-or-less of instruction.  In order to remain competitive, disproportionate salary increases need to occur in those teaching more than 10 years.  To meet those targets and maintain our goals in the 10-year-or-less employees, we estimate 3.3% increase costing an additional $2,600,000.

ü  As a rule of thumb 15 teaching positions (salary and benefits) equates to $1,000,000 in Expense.

·       Increases in health insurance are projected to be +12% for medical and +5% for dental resulting in an increase of $1,350,000.

·       Usually ACPS saves some salary expenditures as more senior teachers retire and are replaced by newer teachers at a lower pay grade.  These savings may not be realized as individuals may delay retirement based on a less than positive economic forecast.

b.        General Budget discussion for 2009-2010

·       As the current (’08-’09) operating budget is to be reduced by $2,100,000 in local funds, this affects where we begin the budget dialogue for 2009-2010.

·       Expect a Local State Revenue shortfall of $6,000,000 for Schools.

·       Options for the upcoming budget year will continue to be affected by yet unidentified state reductions. To reduce expenses for the 2009-10 Budget the following is being considered:

ü  Superintendent will recommend that NO NEW Departmental initiatives be submitted this year despite continuing need.

ü  Freezing 15 positions reduces expenses by $700,000 (drops shortfall to $8,600,000).

ü  Removal of funding for School Board Initiatives saves appx. $3,100,000 (drops shortfall to $5,500,000)

ü  Raising class size by one student at all school levels (means fewer teachers) would save approx. $1,400,000.  Current ACPS student class sizes are Elem.=19.5 (range 16-22), Mid. School=21.6 in core classes, H.S.=22.6 in core classes. 

ü  Reducing support staff (TAs, tech support, central staffing, etc.) may save $682,100.

ü  Eliminating retirement bonus may save $250,000.

ü  Reducing/delaying the replacement cycle for technology equipment may save $224,531.

c.        Current 2008-2009  Budget

·        Local General Fund Revenue is projected to be short $4,100,000 for all county programs (not just schools).

·       Public School funds for the CURRENT year will be reduced by $2,100,000 in the Operating Budget and $300,000 in Capital Projects.

ü  A hiring “chill” is in place requiring  close analysis by staff and Superintendent before filling.

ü  Imposing 10% reduction in all budgets with contingency for additional 5%.

ü  Expansion of some programs and enhanced initiatives will be delayed.

ü  Existing staff and resources may be redirected to meet most critical needs.

·       Governor Kaine indicates K-12 education will not face reductions of state funds in this year’s operations at this time.

Discussion for the “Good & Welfare” of All

1.        John Lewis (Greer Elem.) and PC website manager has reactivated the website list.  Subscribers should have received an email.

a.        If not yet registered, go to


1.        Teletown Hall Meeting rescheduled to Wednesday, Nov. 12,  7:00  PM.  Please make the effort to be at home to receive the call inviting you to participate in this event.  If not able to be at home contact PC-Pres., Mary Huffard Kegley Scott for alternative method of contact.

2.        Next PC meeting is Tuesday., 11/11/08 -  7:00  PM in Rm. 320 COB.

3.        Adjourned 8:45  PM by Mary Huffard Kegley Scott.

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