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April 13, 2011 Parent Council meeting

6:45             Tour of Stone-Robinson Elementary            Dr. Nicholas King

7:00            Open meeting / Set Up: TodaysMeet            Jane Kulow

            Expectations, Process Observer

            Lightning Round: share your school report            PC Representatives

7:20            External Reports:

            United Way Day of Caring            Jessica Snyder

            Commonwealth’s Attorney, Albemarle County            Denise Lunsford

7:40            School Board Reports:

            SB:  3/10 meeting and 3/24 work session

            BOS:  3/2 public hearing, 3/9 budget work session on schools, 3/30 public hearing

7:50            Division Reports:              ACPS Administration

            DART            Vincent Scheivert, CIO

            Sourcing Parent Questions: 

            2012-13 Calendar, HS credits            Dr. Matt Haas, Dir., Secondary Instruction

8:30            Q & A w/ Superintendent            Dr. Pam Moran, Supt.           

8:50            President’s Report            Jane Kulow

            Request for support: Albemarle QuickStart Aces Open

            Revisit Expectations, Process Observer Report            rotating responsibility

9:00             Adjourn


Jesssica Snyder:

Denise Lunsford:

Vincent Scheivert:


Important upcoming dates:

3 May 2011, Parent Council Dinner Meeting, COB

            6:30 Lane Auditorium Lobby

            7:00 Meeting, room 246