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Dec 7 Parent Council Work Session

6:45     Brief tour of Greer Elementary                                               Matt Landahl, Principal

7:00     Open meeting / Expectations / Observer                                                  Jane Kulow

            Lightning Round: share your school PTO report                         PC Representatives

            PREP, Parents Resource Center                                          Sarah Blech, Coordinator

            Women’s Health Virginia                                                         Miriam Bender, CEO

            Calendar Committee report                                                                     Stacy Walker

            School Board Reports:

            Nov 11 meeting; Nov 16 special work session                                        Jane Kulow

            Issue Team Reports:

Exploratory Learning                                                                team leader, Jim Stern

Intergenerational Connections                                       team leader, LaDelle Holland

Large Class Sizes                                                                team leader, Ann DeJong

            Division Report : Budget Outlook                              Dr. Bruce Benson, Asst. Supt.

            Budget Work session                                                                   PC Representatives

            Q & A w/ Superintendent                                                        Dr. Pam Moran, Supt.           

             President’s Report                                                                                   Jane  Kulow

            Approval of Nov 2010 meeting update, PC dues request from PTOs

            Revisit Expectations, Process Observer Report                        rotating responsibility

9:00     Adjourn

Contact for follow-up:

Sarah Blech,

Miriam Bender

Next Meeting:

4 Jan 2011, ACOB, Room 320