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February 8, 2011 Parent Council Meeting

7:00            Open meeting / Set Up            Jane Kulow

            Lightning Round: share your school report            PC Representatives

            External Presentations:

            Dark Skies / Bright Kids            Kelsey Johnson

                        Asst. Prof, UVA, Adj. Asst. Astronomer, NRAO

            NExT / nanoSTAR Institute            Lisa Friedersdorf

                        Managing Director, nanoSTAR Institute

                        Jerry Floro

                        Prof, Materials Science & Engineering, coord. NanoDays

            School Board Reports:

            1/13 SB meeting            Ann deJong

            1/27 SB meeting            to come

            Other: budget work sessions, public hearing           

            Legislative Issues            Mary Huffard Kegley Scott

            Division Reports:              ACPS Administration



            Q & A w/ Superintendent            Dr. Pam Moran, Supt.           

            President’s Report            Jane Kulow

            PTO Presidents meeting / SMART goals discussion

            Upcoming dates

            Revisit Expectations, Process Observer Report            rotating responsibility


9:00             Adjourn



Kelsey Johnson,

Lisa Friedersdorf,; Jerry Floro,

Important upcoming dates:

24 Feb 2011, Regular SB Work Session

1 Mar 2011, Parent Council Meeting, ACOB, Room 320

2 Mar 2011, BOS Public Hearing on Budget

9 Mar 2011, BOS Budget Work Session: School Division [to be confirmed]