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May 3, 2011 Parent Council meeting

6:30            Dinner            Robert Bressan and CATEC culinary students       

7:00            Welcome to our guests            Jane Kulow


            Lightning Round: share your school report            PC Representatives

            School Board reports:            PC Representatives

            SB:  4/14 meeting and 4/28 work session

            4/19 -- Joint SB and BOS work session on business & education partnerships

            Appreciation of Parent Council representatives            Diantha McKeel

                        ACPS School Board

            Perfect Attendance            Bruce Benson

                        Asst. Superintendent, ACPS

8:00            Approval of Parent Council leadership for 2011-12

                        Ian Sole [Elementary, Western feeder pattern]

                        Tara Mincer [Middle, Southern/Northern]

                        Rhonda Angel [Elementary, Southern/Northern]

                        Jane Kulow, President [High, Western]

                        Mary Huffard Kegley Scott, Past President

                        D.J. Stoeberl, Future President [July 2012]

Open Discussion topics

PTO Best Practice;  please share what works really well for your school

            Sharon Wood

            Stone-Robinson volunteer coordinator

School U. -- what topics in education do your parents want to know more about?

9:00             Adjourn