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November 16 Parent Council Meeting

Albemarle County Public Schools - Parent Council

November 16, 2011 Meeting Update

Sharing information and resources in support of better education for our students.



Representatives: Agnor Hurt, Ned Gallaway; AHS, Monica Pawinski; Baker-Butler, Anita Karadia; Brownsville, Ian Sole; Burley, Tara Mincer; Cale, Cathy Sanders; Crozet, DJ Stoberl; Family Support, Debbie Chlebnikow; Henley, Randy Switz; Jouett, Alan Maughlin; Murray Elem, Ann DeJong; Red Hill, Cathy von Storch; Stone-Robinson, Rhonda Angel; Sutherland, Mary Barrick; WAHS, Jane Kulow; Walton, Jim Stern; Woodbrook, Lisa Brook

Staff & Guests: Matthew Haas, Interim Executive Director, ACPS; Eric Strucko, ACPS School Board; Steve Heon, WAHS Athletic Director.


                                                                                             Standard Business Procedures

1.        Call to Order 7:00 pm by Jane Kulow

2.        Expectations for this meeting:  We will learn about concussion management; budget information, and recent school board meetings. Process observer:  Monica Pawinski.

                                                                                                         Lightning Round

All Parent Council representatives had opportunity to participate in Lightning Round, bringing news from school communities. Many who reported out shared recent events sponsored by their PTO/As. Reports included:

Debbie Chlebnikow of Family Support read a letter from a parent of a child who was able to attend Summer Fun camp.

Baker Butler: Book Fair at Barnes and Noble

Stone Robinson: T-shirt sales ongoing, VIP day next Tuesday along with Book Fair

WAHS: Sports schedule is on Jefferson District website with downloadable calendars.

Red Hill: Kid Pan Alley for 1st-5th graders.  Pancake Breakfast Dec. 3rd.

Agnor Hurt: Fall Festival and Skate Night happening.

Crozet: Afterschool Eagle time has started.  Pancake breakfast.  Josh Davis attending Dec. PTO meeting.  Concern raised for staffing at Crozet as enrollment has dipped below 300 students.

Henley: State Senator, Craig Deeds visited the school last week. Positive feedback given by teachers in regards to the new grading system.

Burley: Fundraising and volunteer numbers are down this year.  7th grade is having a class wide WWII readings and discussion and wanted PTO to assist in funding the books.

Jouett:  Dances are rotating being hosted by each grade and club for fundraising.

Walton: Finishing up Coupon Book/Fall Fundraising.

Brownsville: Tour of new space including gym, cafeteria and technology area.  Work space has state of the art technology.

Sutherland: Mustache Madness coming up as well as Holiday concert including a pictorial to military families.

RideShare / SchoolPool

Sara Damron, outreach coordinator for RideShare, presented on the RideShare program. Rideshare is a free service that helps match parents at same or similar school for carpooling. A school must have written consent from school administrators to participate in the program. The online database is made of basic information from participants.  Personal information is limited. To participate you must enter the student’s name, home school and grade. You can then search for a match and have instant feedback as to those in your school who could be possible carpool participants. If you match you give parent name, phone number and email and then coordinate with the other parents yourself. This program works best if information is spread to entire school population to increase the pool of parents.

As of yet, Ride Share has been used only for to and from school transport and not afterschool activities. Student drivers are not allowed to drive or match with other students.  Rideshare will come to PTO meetings, school fairs or other activities to provide information to school communities. There is no fee involved and in the future you may be able to link the information to schools' websites.

Contacts are: 1-888-974-5500; Email:

Division Report:  Concussion Management Plan

Steve Heon, WAHS Athletic Director, and Eric Strucko, ACPS School Board member, provided an overview of the new countywide Concussion Management Plan.  Thirty-eight states have a mandatory concussion management programs and Virginia is not only one of the states included, but one of several that has a thorough and complex program. 

The Concussion Management Plan has seven key components including: student and parent education, baseline pre-season testing, field tests by trainer, immediate 24 hour removal of student from sport, MD assessment initially and prior to return to activity and gradual re-entry into school and sports.

Virginia voted unanimously in June to adopt this program.  The program, at present, is only at the high school level.  The program has input from a team of local physicians and health professionals.  All HS teachers have been educated in the possible complications of concussion including symptoms that can affect the students' classroom abilities.  A nurse from each school has been assigned to make a concussion plan between students and their teachers.

The program, so far, has increased concussion awareness and helped identify concussions and provide a safe and guided return to school and sports for students.

School Board Meeting report

Jane Kulow presented information from the October 27th School Board work session. Information presented included the State of the Division report, class size report, school division comparisons, and a budget preview.

Ned Gallaway presented information from the November 10th School Board meeting. Ned Gallaway reported that there was much public attendance and comment mostly in regards to 5 of 7 and 6 of 8 scheduling. Non-residential tuition for county employee was discussed.  At present there are 20 students involved in this but the program could have a potential of 151 students.

Budget Discussion involved a report on teacher class size throughout the city and county.  Also discussed was the Legislative Packet regarding account sharing between the city and county and private school and home school students being able to participate in county school sports. 

Ned also reviewed information in assessing Electronic School Board and then clicking on meeting date on the calendar and then clicking on the item of interest.   The Capital Improvement Site is also found under departments on the Albemarle County Web page.


Financial Overview & Budget Discussion

Dr. Haas presented an outlook on Finance and Budget for ACPS. Enrollment in the county is projected to increase, whereas this year the county schools were under-enrolled compared to projections. State Revenue is decreasing but local revenues are expected to improve after dropping for the past three years.

Revenue Considerations for 2012/13 include:

·         ARRA Funding to sunset for a negative $1.3 million

·         Composite Index moving from .65% from .68%

·         Hold Harmless moneys being lost for a negative $2.5 million

·         New Biennial Recalculations

Overall Revenue Supporting the school budget to decrease at least $3.3 million from last year.

Budget discussion, Parent Council representatives

PC representative met in small groups to discuss budget items. They were provided with input from student council representative. Input was given to Matt Haas in verbal and written form. 

President’s Report (process observer’s report)

PTO Presidents meeting was held on Oct 24th. Follow up will include compiling a list of vendors to ACPS PTOs, a clarification on backpack mail for PTOs, and a question about the possibility for volume discounts on PTO Manager.

Upcoming meetings:

1 Dec 2011: School Board meeting, COB, 6:30 pm

8 Dec 2011: School Board work session, COB, 6:30 pm

14 Dec 2011:  Special School Board meeting with AlbeCo BOS, COB, 4:00 pm

14 Dec 2011:  December Parent Council meeting, Crozet Elementary School, 6:45 pm

As process observer, Monica Pawinski, reported that the meeting achieved all expectations.



The meeting was adjourned around 9:10 P.M. Respectfully submitted by Ann DeJong.