2012-13 Calendar Drafts -- Feedback due Monday, July 11

posted Jul 8, 2011, 4:56 PM by jbkulow@acpsparentcouncil.org   [ updated Jul 8, 2011, 4:59 PM by Lisa Medders ]
Calendar drafts can be found here on the ACPS website.

Careful considerations of the three drafts could include these points of differentiation:
  • School start date:  August 8, August 13, or August 22
  • School end date:  May 24, May 17, or May 30 (in each case, going later if necessary due to snow days)
  • The Aug 8 and Aug 13 calendar drafts have the first semester ending prior to the winter break.
  • The length of quarters (nine-week grading periods) differ:  the Aug 8 calendar has them equal at 45 days; the Aug 13 has them the most unbalanced with the four nine-weeks periods lasting 43, 47, 50, and 40 days; the Aug 22 calendar has the four nine-weeks periods lasting 46, 45, 46, and 43 days.
  • The semesters are of even lengths in all three drafts.
  • The Aug 13 and Aug 22 drafts have a half-day of school on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
  • The length of the winter break for students varies from 1.5 weeks to 2.5 weeks.
  • Two of the drafts — Aug 13 and Aug 22 — include a number of early dismissal days.
  • Spring break has been moved to the end of the third nine weeks, placing it on the third or the fourth week of March, depending upon the draft.
With each and every family, some of these changes will have serious impacts and some will be of little consequence. The website offers a space for feedback. Responses will go to the School Board for their consideration.