ACPS face an additional $4-5 million in cuts.

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Albemarle County schools face an additional $4-5 million in cuts today as Gov. McDonnell has rejected former Gov. Kaine’s freeze to the new composite index.
This makes it more important than ever that we encourage parents to show up for the March 3rd AC Board of Supervisors public hearing and speak in support of our schools.

Details here:
The Washington Post reported on Feb. 8th that Gov. McDonnell will reverse former Gov. Kaine’s proposed one year freeze to the new composite index, adversely impacting Albemarle County and 96 other VA school divisions and providing increased funds to Loudoun, Prince William, and Fairfax counties.
This note from Dr. Moran summarizes the impact:
In the event that you have not heard, Governor McDonnell has decided to go with the projected composite index for the next two years rather than stay with the Kaine plan to freeze current composite index as it exists this year. The impact of this will be catastrophic on our revenues adding a minimum of another $4-5 M in cuts for 10-11 with additional reductions still to come due to $2B shortfall in state revenues and triennial sales tax shifts. Our Board certainly will be analyzing not just tier II recommendations but also projections in reductions or cuts for 2011-12 which are in the year 2 planning budget proposals. 
What this means for ACPS:
  • Major cuts already submitted for the budget must now be almost doubled.
  • All classroom sizes will likely be increased; emergency staffing (which has helped alleviate large classrooms in the past) has also been cut.
  • ACPS staffing beyond that required by the state (elementary music, art, PE; gifted; guidance; support, etc.) may need to be cut to state standards.
If you need any further information, please contact your parent council rep.

Further specifics can be found here:

Link to WaPo article: McDonnell directing more education money to N. Va.

Link to related WaPo blog posting: Northern Virginia leaders cheer McDonnell’s school funding decision.
Budget specifics:
Section A, the Overview of the 2010-2011 proposed budget can be found here
Pages A-39 to 42 details $5.3 million in planned cuts. These include:
No salary increases of any kind for any employees; Increase class size by one student, grades 4-12; 10% cuts across all departments; major cuts to learning resources, transportation, professional development; fees for sports participation; cuts positions in central office and support services.
Page A-43 outlines a second tier of cuts, totaling $3.5 million. Not included in the 2010-11 budget, these most likely will be required now. These include:
Increase class size by one student, grades K-3; shared principals between two pairs of elementary schools; cuts by 50% school resource officers; cuts to school calendar (either by number of days or furlough).
Page A-55 to A-57 outlines another $4.8 million in cuts projected for 2011-2012; some of these cuts may be required in the coming year. These include:
Restructuring HS schedule to add another class period; redistricting middle schools and high schools; eliminating elementary art, music and PE staffing over state requirements; cuts to gifted staff; cuts to guidance; additional  operational cuts overall, and much more.

Lisa Medders,
Feb 9, 2010, 2:56 PM