Correcting Misinformation on Logistical Details for the March 3rd BOS Public Hearing

posted Feb 24, 2010, 7:29 PM by   [ updated Feb 24, 2010, 7:31 PM by Lisa Medders ]
Much information has been distributed about the BOS Public Hearing on March 3rd — both by Parent Council and by individual parents — that contains either information that has changed or was wrong. Please send this to anyone considering attending and /or speaking at the hearing.

Telephone queries to the BOS office today confirmed the following:

The sign-up sheets for speakers will be released at 5:00 pm. Five o’clock, not 4:00. The BOS office anticipates a line waiting for the sheets to be put out.

They will be placed on a table in the front right of the auditorium — same place as the sign in for the School Board public hearing and same as in previous years.

People wishing to sign up may sign only one name, not two.

While the entire auditorium will be opened, including the balcony, the BOS office anticipates enough people that they are currently planning to provide seating in the Lobby, Room 235 (just off the lobby), and Room 241 (just past the lobby, further down the hall). While audio streams from the auditorium to Room 235, it doesn’t to the other two spaces. They are currently working on providing audio to those spaces.

Anticipate large crowds in all areas near the auditorium. Please consider carpooling with other parents from your school community or neighborhood.

Parent Council will be providing veggies, pizza, cookies and water in Room 246 (go past the Auditorium, all the way down the hall, and turn right). Our recommendation is that you find a seat first, then come get a snack.

On presenting the strongest possible support for ACPS.

Parent Council has received consistent advice from a number of people close to this Board of Supervisors, relating the following:
  1. BOS members who ran for office on a platform in support of education must be reminded of their stated position.
  2. This BOS is pro-business, pro-economic development. During their first meeting of the year, the BOS passed a resolution in favor of economic development. Concerns about economic development in the county are at the top of their priority list. They are likely to be more responsive to presentations that acknowledge that.
  3. While emails are important, of far more importance is the sheer numbers that turn out for the hearings, stand up in support of their issues, and stay until the very end.
  4. Finally, students speaking concisely, eloquently, “non-whiningly” and to the issue can have an incredible impact.