In The News: articles related to January 5th meeting discussions.

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Related to the presentation on new technologies currently being used in education...
  • Charlottesville's Channel 29 News filed a report from the Parent Council meeting. Keith McGilvery interviewed some of the Crozet Elementary students who have been using iPods in the classroom. filed from the Parent Council meeting. A wide variety of perspectives can be found in the related comments, as well.
  • A recent column by David Carr (New York Times, 1 January 2010), titled Why Twitter Will Endure, includes this bit:  
“What could anyone possibly find useful in this cacophony of short-burst communication?
Well, that depends on whom you ask, but more importantly whom you follow. On Twitter, anyone may follow anyone, but there is very little expectation of reciprocity. By carefully curating the people you follow, Twitter becomes an always-on data stream from really bright people in their respective fields, whose tweets are often full of links to incredibly vital, timely information.”