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Myths About 4 x 4

1.     You can’t have club period or time for honor societies to meet.

            False: there will still be club days and time for honor societies to meet.

2.     You can’t have remediation or makeup time during the school day.

            False: daily remediation time can and will be built into the schedule. It will look more similar to Mustang Mornings or Western's CARE rather than the 8th period intervention at AHS, but may be at any time of the day.

3.     SOL scores will go down because you’ll forget the material you took in the fall by May.

            False: SOLs are given twice per year, at the end of the fall semester for those classes and again in May for spring classes.

4.     Your homework will double.

            False: You will have fewer classes of homework to do each night, and since you have the class daily you will have less (or the same amount of) homework each night. AP courses are predicted to have about the same homework, unless they are double-blocked; then homework would decrease as there is more class time.

5.     You can’t have long lunch.

            False: There are many lunch schedules that will fit into a 4 x 4 and will be decided by school. The 4 x 4 does not preclude having a single lunch period for all students.

AP Classes

6.     You can’t take more than four AP classes in a year.

            False:  Students may elect to take as many AP classes as their schedule and available time allows.

7.     Freshmen and Sophomores can’t take AP classes.

            False:  There is no change in who may take AP courses.

8.     You can’t take an odd number of AP classes.

            False:   Other elective or core courses, or a study period will alternate with the AP courses which run year-long. You may take as many AP courses as you would like.

9.     AP scores will go down.

            False:   AP courses will be taught as they are now, with no predicted impact on scores. School Divisions that have tried to teach AP courses on a semester basis have seen scores drop. We will not teach AP courses this way.

Music and Arts and Foreign Language

10.  The arts programs will suffer as enrollment will go down.

            False:  Students will have more opportunities to take arts classes.

11.  It hurts band and choir classes as people need to practice and perform all year long.

            False:  Band, choir and orchestra programs will still be taught year-long. As it is now, the schedule will be designed so that students who elected to take these courses can, for the most part, fit them in their schedule. Those students’ electives are factored into the school’s master schedule.

12.  It is bad for world language classes because of sequence of courses.

            False:  We do not intend to have students wait 9 months between language classes. Counselors will be working with students to build their schedules so that they take the 1st and 2nd year of language in consecutive semesters in a single year. Students have also have more opportunities to advance further in a single world language or to take multiple world languages with this schedule.