School Calendar development process

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As follow up to questions raised at our PC meeting on October 5th, please see information below from Supt. Pam Moran. This outlines the steps involved in developing the school calendar for the next year.

The opportunities for parent input include
1) Parent Council rep on the calendar committee,
2) ACPS web page survey form for input to the committee,
3) the same form for feedback on draft calendars, and
4) public comment on the proposed calendar to the School Board at their regular meetings.

From the Superintendent:

I wanted to share in writing the process for constructing the school division calendar for follow up with Parent Council reps after describing this to them last week: 

Several years ago, the School Boards of the city and county directed staff to form a joint city-county committee of stakeholders to serve as a unified calendar committee. The committee was charged to develop a calendar to serve both school divisions. This was in response to two considerations: 1)the joint student services we provide and 2) employee childcare considerations since we have many employees who work in one division and whose children are enrolled in the other division. The committee also received direction to ensure that the calendar represents an instructional focus. 

1) Beginning in October, I ask for advisory groups to appoint representatives to serve on the calendar committee on behalf of Albemarle's school community: parent council, teacher advisory, principals' group. This joint committee meets with an assistant superintendent from both divisions to solicit and use calendar feedback to develop a calendar recommendation. They begin work in November. Dr. Benson provides leadership to the committee on behalf of Albemarle's school community. 

2) Albemarle's staff creates a web page survey form to solicit feedback from the Albemarle community- parents, staff and students. This survey remains active during the entire calendar development process. Ongoing feedback is used by the committee to inform its work.    

3) The committee representatives also share draft calendars during the process with advisory committee members and on Albemarle's web page. Revisions are made by the committee using feedback, keeping in mind the joint city-county School Board direction that we operate on the same calendar.

4) The committee finalizes a draft which is placed by the superintendent on the Board meeting agenda for information and consideration, usually in late January or early February. The Board takes public comment on the proposed calendar at its regular Board meetings and makes adjustments within the parameter that the city and county calendar match.
5) The Board directs staff to make final revisions if needed and the final draft calendar is placed on the Board agenda for approval at its next meeting for a vote in February at the latest.
6) Upon Board approval, the final calendar is immediately communicated to parents and staff.

7) Board Policy on school day and year

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Oct 12, 2010, 11:37 AM