Tracking Current Budget Information

posted Feb 24, 2010, 5:58 AM by   [ updated Feb 24, 2010, 8:20 AM by Lisa Medders ]
The Albemarle County Public Schools budget-making process is incredibly fluid with changes occurring on an almost daily basis. Much has changed from Dr. Moran’s initial Superintendent’s funding request on January 20th to where the school budget stands today, one day before we will see the Albemarle County proposed budget.

Here’s a brief look at how to track current information from ACPS and, also, some interesting background information:

ACPS Budget Page

The ACPS website budget page provides a link to budget documents and feedback opportunities. The budget page is updated with new information on a regular basis. Select 2010-2011 Funding Request, the list downloadable files has been updated each time new information is available. Select files by date to see most current. "At-A-Glance" or "Summary" documents may be the most helpful; "Complete" documents, whether the Superintendent's or the School Board's funding request, may number in the hundreds of pages.

Further Information

School Board member Brian Wheeler has prepared very useful information on his SchoolMatters blog. Look for these posts:

Albemarle County Public Schools budget is now facing catastrophic cuts, which offers a spreadsheet analyzing the impact of various tax rate increases on the median AC home value, plus a place to plug in your own 2009 and 2010 assessments to see what various tax rate increases might cost your household.

School Board approves $145.2 million funding request; Needs another $8.8 million in revenues to avoid Tier 2 & 3 cuts, provides a budget analysis spreadsheet to identify just what cuts are in the funding request and what cuts under consideration remain in tier 2 and 3 (and in the $8.8mm shortfall).

Crozet realtor Jim Duncan looked closely at the correlation between property values and quality schools on his RealCrozetVA blog:

Look for this post:  Crozet Housing Prices and School Quality

Finally, ACPS Parent Council distributes news in a variety of ways, including posts to this website and via PC News List (sign up available here).