About Us

Our Mission & Goals

The Parent Council’s mission is to serve as a forum for parents, educators, and school officials to share ideas and exchange information in order to further advance the quality of the public education system within Albemarle County.


  1. Provide a forum for sharing ideas and providing direction on Albemarle County School educational issues.
  2. Inform parents on current issues regarding the education system, and familiarize them with areas that need attention.
  3. Provide leadership and representation of Albemarle County schools for parents to effectively work together toward common goals and have an influential voice regarding the educational processes affecting their children.
  4. Advocate on behalf of the Parent Council with regard to communications of key issues to provide information to school PTOs*, parents, and community leaders. *”PTO” represents any and all schoolwide parent organization that designates a representative to Parent Council.
  5. Act as a central point for sharing information among PTOs for individual schools to enhance the strength and value of the PTO system.
  6. Initiate educational sessions on topics relevant to effective operations for the public school system.
  7. Promote an open and supportive relationship between parents and teachers, School Board, and administration.